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BALLET ACADEMY by Asako Tanaka

Berlin / Dresden / worldwide Online 




Asako Tanaka is grateful to have an environment where she can share her knowledge and experience with her students.

For the past 15 years, Asako Tanaka has taught everyone from beginners to professionals, from the age of three to over 50, in Europa and Asia. Many of these students went on to the National Ballet School (School of Hamburg Ballet, Palucca University of Dance, Dance High School Essen-Weden).

Asako Tanaka believes that ballet is a very delicate and demanding art form that is only learned properly in a harmonious state of mind. Asako Tanaka always sets out to provide her students with an atmosphere in which this is made a real possibility at her Studio in Berlin and Dresden or worldwide online.


Asako Tanaka lessons are held, after a personal interview, one-on-one or in a small group with a maximum of eight participants and tailored to the dancer's individual desire and goals.  


A ballet school that cares each and every single heart...


Asako Tanaka, Director & Educator 

Felicitas Gerlach, Office Assistent

Private Lesson

Berlin / Dresden / Online

*The lessons are tailored to the specific prerequisites and goals of the dancers of from the age of 10. 

Group Lesson


Junior Program Intensive: from the age of 12

Saturdays, 12.00-16.00 (Berlin: Tanzraum Wedding, Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 13347 Berlin, Building A, 2. Floor, Staircase A8)

In Planning from new school season 2024/2025

Junior Program 1: from the age of 10

Junior Program 2: from the age of 12

*more information will follow soon - if you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us - thank you so much.


Junior Program 1: from the age of 10 

Fridays, 16.00-17.15 (Dresden: Körpercentrum Dresden, Könneritzstraße 31, 01067 Dresden)

& Mondays, 16.00-17.00 (Online for Pre-learning & Re-learning)

Junior Program 2: from the age of 12

Fridays, 17.15-18.30 (Dresden: Körpercentrum Dresden, Könneritzstraße 31, 01067 Dresden) 

& Mondays, 17.00-18.00 (Online for Pre-learning & Re-learning)

*currently no capacities 

Junior Program 3: from the age of 14

Fridays, 18.30-19.45 (Dresden: Körpercentrum Dresden, Könneritzstraße 31, 01067 Dresden) 

& Mondays, 18.00-19.00 (Online for Pre-learning & Re-learning)

*currently no capacities 

*These lessons are focused on students who would like to more and more deeply learn ballet.

"My encounter with ballet is like a treasure for me...

The students who come to my lessons are my treasures, and the space where they gather is equally my treasure...

mon trésor: my treasure 

I named my ballet academy with the hope that my dancers and all people involved in this school will cherish it as a treasure..."

Asako Tanaka


+49. 172. 1577177

*In German, English or Japanese

mon trésor
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